Check out the new cafepress store for Wazoo!

by Josh Allan on June 6th, 2010
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Just added a bunch of items, including this:

Update and stuff

by Tim Penasack on May 10th, 2009
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Sorry – we haven’t been very good at updating the blog since almost everyone gets the news from the emails but we are really going to try now. (Seriously we are!). Since I got back from China we have done some significant changes/updates to the car to keep us competitive with new Super Production class. These include gearbox, suspension and brake upgrades as well as changes to the interior and the typically wiring changes. We will be doing a lot of testing over the next couple of months as well as competing in a select number of Rally America events and possibly a couple of Canadian events. The goal of all of this is for us to make a serious run in 2010.

I will get on Josh’s case to get some new pictures of the car posted.

Stay tune for more.

Refactored to Wazoo!!

by Adam H on December 24th, 2008
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We just couldn’t get away from being a bunch of Wazoo’s, therefore, as you can see the website has been migrated to it’s original domain…(!!!!

Hope everyone is enjoying the snow (with their Subaru of course) and staying safe during this holiday season!!

I know I’ve been dipping into the EggNog!!!

See everyone @ the year end event!

A quick re-cap of this year:

-Attended 100 Acres Woods (

-Attended Bae-des-Chaleurs and took 1st P4 (equivalent to PGT in USA).

-Tim is Mr. International (China-style)
-H. is still trying to learn 360′ on his snowboard!
-Josh is Mr. CheesHead mr. cheesehead
-Dave is still…well…..DAVE!
-Goss has somehow convinced a PA chick to move to New England.
-the ‘Cakes’ is still snowmobiling it up!
-Kevin is a dirty southerner!

-Austin keeps it real with the Windmills as always!

-Amy is heading up the marketing dept @ the RockCats